Wordpress Theme from HTML CSS Design Part 2

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WordPress theme from HTML: If you haven’t read previous part WordPress theme from html part 1, I highly recommend you do so. In our previous session we have discussed about how we can create dynamic WordPress theme from HTML design. Next we will learn how we can utilize more WordPress features by adding more dynamic features to our theme.

WordPress Theme from HTML Design Part 2

I made a screencast for this session and we will cover following topics as part of WordPress Theme from HTML Design.

  • Post Author & Published Date
  • Set featured Image support to our theme and set on post page
  • Categories links for post
  • Tags links for post
  • Next & Previous Posts links (Pagination)
  • Separate Header & Footer files so we can use in other files as template.
  • Include Sidebar with dynamic widgets supported by wordpress
  • Modify CSS to adopt new sidebar html

Video: WordPress Theme from HTML Part 2

If you understand what we learn in this (Create WordPress theme from HTML design part 2) video tutorial, then let’s move forward to Create WordPress theme part 3 Video tutorial.

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