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WordPress is a framework mainly used for blog websites. A blog is a collection of articles also known as posts therefore WordPress post is a core of WordPress websites. In the following video we will discuss about how posts works in WordPress and how we can manage them to create a successful blog website. 

what will be covered in wordpress posts video:

  • Manage WordPress Post : How WordPress Post works including setting WordPress post title, format, post permalink, post date.
  • Manage categories: Learn how wordpress categories are linked to wordpress posts. How to created categories & nested categories. Link our posts to related categories
  • Post Tags: We can’t include all related keywords into categories. So tags comes into picture. We can set as many tags related to our wordpress posts as we want.
  • Tags vs Categories: Difference between Tags & Categories. where we can use categories & where we can use tags.
  • Featured Image: Thumbnail for post also known as featured image for WordPress post. Theme must have support for using thumbnail for this feature to work.
  • Publish vs Schedule: Publish WordPress post or schedule it for future publish.
  • Permalink for Post: Set permalink for wordpress post or you can leave it as it and wordpress will auto generate it for you.

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