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How to Create Wordpress Multisite Network

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Introduction to WordPress Multisite Network

WordPress Multisite Network is to develop multiple sites, link them together so that we can divert different traffic to our specific site so that visiting user don’t have to find his interest in our site cause he is on the platform already. WordPress has that feature built in, which allow users to create network of sites. A great example of that is the site itself. By using that feature to create WordPress multisite network, you will amazed that how easy it now to create your own network of sites.


WordPress site: you must have WordPress site already setup. please setup your WordPress site first and if you dont know how to setup WordPress site please follow our WordPress setup & must do settings tutorial.

Enable Word-press Multisite Functionality

Open wp-config.php file which is located where you have your WordPress site. and find commented line that say’s “That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging.”. just above that line add following code.

Save file and go to dashboard by visiting <link_to_your_site>/wp-admin. login with admin user if asks. and on left sidebar hover over tools menu and you will find another option which is network setup. go there and you will find screen similar to below one.

Wordpress Multisite

fill in details as required. and click on install and you will be redirected to a page that looks similar to this.

Wordpress Multisite Code Config

First textbox contains some code. just copy that code and put it in wp-config.php below the line we added earlier in wp-config.php. Second textbox’s code is for .htaccess but this just replace existing .htaccess file code with new code given by the wordpress multisite.

Save both files & reload dashboard. it will ask for admin authentication. enter your login details and you are good to go. you have done with multisite network setup.

Next step is to create multiple sites through our wordpress dashboard and manage posts & themes in each site of network. to learn that watch following video which explains you how to enable multisite functionality in wordpress as well as creating & maintaining multiple sites within wordpress Multisite Network.

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