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  • What is PHP?

What is PHP: In this tutorial we will briefly discuss the features of PHP Language & learn what is PHP. PHP is used to develop dynamic websites. so if you are new to web development you do not need to know any language before starting to learn PHP but still a knowledge of any programming language is an advantage.

if you don’t know HTML then i prefer you better learn that first. so dont wait too much and dive into the world of website and start developing your own website with this PHP Series.

What is PHP?

  • Server-side Scripting Language
  • Designed for use with HTML
  • provides more flexibility than HTML alone
  • Syntax is similar to C, Java, Perl, ASP

Scripting VS Programming

  • Scripting Language does things only responding the events
  • Programming Language do things even when not responding to events.
  • JAVASCRIPT is also scripting Language but its client side scripting Language
  • PHP is server side scripting Language


  • Version 1 [1994] by Rasmus Lerdorf
    • CGI(Common Gateway Interface) binaries in the C Programming Language.
  • Version 2 [1995] by Rasmus Lerdorf
    • Personal Home Page Tools
  • Version 3 [1998] by Suraski & Gutmans
    • PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • Version 4 [2000] by Zend [ Suraski & Gutmans]
    • still updates are supported
    • version 4.4.6 on march 1, 2007
  • Version 5 [2004] by Zend
    • Right now this is The Latest Stable Version
  • Version 6 [2009]
    • Still not stable Version


  • Open Source / Free Software
  • Cross Platform to develop, to deploy, and to use
  • Powerful, scalable
  • Web Development Specific
  • can be object oriented, especially Version 5
  • Great Documentation
  • Large, Active developer Community [ 20 million websites ]

What You Need….

  • Web Server [APACHE 2.2]
  • PHP [PHP 5.3]
  • Database [MySQL 5.1]
  • Text Editor [Notepad, Notepad++, Dreamviewer, Komodo Edit, Text Mate]
  • Web Browser [Firefox]

Operational Trail

What is PHP - Operational Trail


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