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Why software testing is important in software development

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software testing is important in software development


The developer’s credibility, market reputation and revenue are likely to drop down in the long run, if the software application develops a flaw. Hence, the software is delivered to the end client to be used, it is quite essential for the company to make sure that it works flawlessly. The software needs to meet the client’s specifications or specific requirements. Several instances do exist where minor flaws are noticed in software applications, thus resulting in monetary and human loss. This is where the best software testing company can play a crucial role. As a matter of fact, it can be safely stated that software testing has become a significant and integral part of the life cycle of software development.

Agile methodology

The principles of agile software development are said not to consider software testing and software development as two different processes. Rather, this methodology tends to emphasize upon the testers and programmers working as single team. They tend to work together for improving the software’s quality. Being integral to SLDC (software development life cycle), the objective of the testing process is to evaluate the correctness, completeness and quality before its final delivery. Simultaneously, the test results can assist businesses to identify if all the client specifications and requirements are met by the software.

Why modern business finds software testing to be crucial?

According to researches, expenses related to fixing issues within the software tends to increase, if it is not found out early and fixed immediately. With early detection of the bugs or defects in the software, the programmers can find it much easier to have such issues eliminated completely. Hence, testing is being introduced during the early SLDC phases. Independent, highly qualified QA professionals are deployed for evaluating the software during the different development stages.

Mission critical and custom software applications are developed by IT companies. Even a small bug found within the mission critical software program could result in human and financial losses. A minor flaw, for example found in the software application that is used by aircrafts could result in unfortunate, irreparable losses. Hence, the selected IT company is to perform different types of tests for identifying and doing away with bugs, flaws and defects.

Choosing the right option

There are plenty of options to select from by the modern users among identical software applications available in thousands. For keeping the users engaged and interested, every enterprise is to deliver top quality software applications. With repeated and thorough testing of the software, it becomes possible to get effective evaluation of its quality. Based upon the test results, high quality products can be launched by the company which can be expected to be in the market for a long time.

Growing significance among modern businesses

The truth is due to differences arising between production and development stages, software testing is becoming crucial. Th programmers when developing the product, tend to focus upon its functionality and features. However, different effects will be experienced by the individual users by its functionality and features. As the application gets evaluated in the testing stage, the QA professionals find it much easier to evaluate accurately the user experience. With the production and testing environment being identical, software performance can be evaluated more accurately.

Often new features are required by the clients to be included within the software during various development stages. Every time, the application is included with a new functionality or feature, there is required thorough testing of the code. Regression testing is performed by the QA professionals for ensuring flawless working of new features and legacy. Businesses can evaluate the updated product quality by the tests, before its getting live.

Compatible and functional

The modern web applications and websites are to be compatible with the multiple web browsers, devices and operating systems. Therefore, the performance of the web application is to be assessed with regards to its functioning on the different browsers, platforms and devices. Advanced tools are used by the seasoned testers for evaluating the capability of the site across multiple devices and platforms. The test results do assist the developers to come up with necessary code changes for enhancing the overall accessibility and compatibility of the site.

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