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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018

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As far as global entrepreneurs are concerned, social media is one of the best marketing trends in today’s world. Because, in today’s busy world, it is usual that people spend more time in social media. So it is the best way to make use of social media to market products or services. There is a huge possibility for social media marketing to boost sales and there is also a possibility to improve brand loyalty. The brands which stay on social media enjoy constancy from their customers. Every posts, videos, images will makes reactions in customers and it leads to site visits. So the social media marketing becomes an unavoidable strategy in marketing. There are many social media marketing trends for upcoming years which include:

1. Provide online security:

Online security is a challenging problem in today’s world. The studies show that most of the internet users are worried about the security on internet. The private information like bank account number, pin numbers are hacked by hackers using the method of hacking. For online business, there is a need to share the information. It is essential to not become the part of the problem. So it is important to provide online security for the customers. The safer zone will provide the customers a comfortable zone.

2. Introducing chatbots:

The method of messaging is widely used by every business entrepreneurs to chat with consumers. Chatbot is one of the substitutes for the messaging apps. Chatbots is efficient to provide reply to the customers when we are not able to reply to the customers. They are easy to create and there is no need of professional knowledge to manage them. The combination of artificial intelligence and chatbots provide better customer management.

3. Application of video:

Video is popular information medium in today’s world. Live video’s is the best thing to provide awareness to the audience about the brand. There is a possibility to share the videos by the customer itself. It leads to spreading the awareness about the business. It leads to enhance the business and facilitate the customers to engage with us in real time.

4. Seeking the help of influencer:

Social media influencers are one of the best methods to enhance the business and there are several social media influencers to help an entrepreneur in his/her business. If there is an involvement of influencer the brand obtains more exposure. It makes a better improvement in the field of business. Influencer marketing is a proven successful trick which will improve the business in the upcoming years.

5. Attendance on multiple platforms:

The presence in multiple platforms will help to improve the business in world wide. It is not good to maintain only one platform because it will not make awareness about the business. So the presence in only one platform will decrease the amount of customers. It is a common attitude that people will not maintain only one platform for their needs. So it is important to maintain more than one platform.

6. Online hangouts:

Online hangout is a best app to maintain customers in business field. Basically it is a free online app for video chats with numerous people. It shows a hasty growth in last year. Online chat with many people at a time will improve the business. It is also less time consuming method. It is generally designed for every kind of business. The main advantage of hangout is to share information at a time for more than ten people at a time.

7. Commencement of AR:

AR is a latest and innovative technology that introduced in the area of business. AR will convert the current atmosphere by including digital information to the line of sight. The expectation is that the AR will witnesses more spending by 2020. The AR provides the customers to see the ads in peripheral vision.

8. Smart phones:

Mobile marketing is a type of marketing using smart phones. It generally eliminates time and location. The customers can use it from anywhere and at any time. Mobile marketing involves the ads that visible in smart phones, tablets etc. Smart phone strategy is an important thing in the field of marketing because most of the people browse web pages in tablets and mobile phones.

9. Paid advertisements:

One can see that entrepreneurs can make use of social media for advertising purposes. For instance, entrepreneurs can contact social media service providers and share their advertisements by making online payment. To be specific, this method of online marketing can increase the reach of certain products.

10. Creating special pages:

Entrepreneurs can contact social media marketing firms to create special pages to market their products in an innovative way. For sure, this can create hype among the customers because they regularly spend more time on online platforms, especially, social networking sites. Besides, those who are involved in social media marketing can easily find out the trends and change marketing strategies accordingly.

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