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PHP vs. Ruby on Rails


PHP vs Ruby on Rails: There’s competition between PHP vs Ruby on Rails among programmers. PHP is a programming language however Ruby on Rails is web framework that built on ruby language. So comparing PHP to Ruby on Rails is a tricky part. Here are points on comparison.

The news in the IT Field these days is that PHP replaced perl and now likely ROR(Ruby on Rails) will replace PHP.I would certainly disagree with these, as PHP has been built to overcome difficulties faced by programmers in perl. Ruby on Rails was built by programmers after facing drawbacks with the languages PHP, ASP and perl.

The PHP growth rate has stagnated over the past few years, whereas Ruby on Rails has been growing tremendously. This is mainly because most developers want to be more sophisticated in their development.

PHP vs Ruby on Rails DifferencesPHP vs. Ruby on Rails


Web hosting:

Allmost all web hosting companies support PHP but Ruby on rails is supported by unix based server only. And also Control panel for Ruby on Rails 3.0 framework has not yet implemented. For Hosting Websites, PHP is clear winner.


Application performance:

Websites having PHP code runs faster than Ruby on Rails code. Though, we can achieve tasks in Ruby on Rails with less lines of code than with PHP coding, thanks to ruby language.


PHP testing modules and code is difficult while in Ruby on rails introducing R-spec testing rails code is an easy method for programmers. Ruby on Rails development will be helpful in creating bug-free application. CakePHP offers convenient way for testing, with certain code changes.

Code Structure:

Ruby on rails has more clearer code structure like english language compared to that with PHP



Both languages’ syntax are clear and simple. However, Ruby without ending syntax was not acceptable many programmers.



PHP has more compatible frameworks like CakePHP, codeigniter and Zend. In Ruby too, apart from rails there are many good frameworks like Sinatra, vintage etc. Both languages has very good MVC architectural framework.


PHP along with its fireworks utilizes less memory space, whereas Ruby on rails would use more space. Hence, application based on Ruby on rails would be slower compared to that of PHP.

In the war of PHP Vs ROR, developers shouldn’t have any issues in learning both technologies. You could choose technology depending on resource availability and requirements. Ruby on rails is gaining momentum and PHP has proven track record of matured programming language.

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  • Maitrey Rajyaguru

    I know PHP well, now so excited to learn Ruby on Rails.
    Learning Ruby language is necessary to learn Ruby on Rails?

    Thanks in advance!! :)

  • Razor

    hey Maitrey. It’s recommended to learn ruby before diving into ruby on rails. ruby on rails is a web framework which uses ruby language.

    • Maitrey Rajyaguru

      Thanks for the help Razor. :)

  • Manoj Solanki

    Compared to ruby and rails PHP is more stable and mature environment than ruby and rails.

  • Dhayal Ram

    Lot of differences, i prefer PHP

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