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Developing website from scratch is a very complicated & time consuming task. Using framework increase speed of development by reusing common modules & libraries. Utilizing a framework help you to follow programming standards & organize your code which leads your website to grow over time. Instead of spending time on creating generic libraries and structure of website, you can give more time to specific features & functionalities of website by utilizing a suitable framework. We will analyze few top PHP frameworks, which helps developer build quality websites.

Best PHP Frameworks

1. CodeIgniter


codeigniter php framework


CodeIgniter is a popular & impressive PHP framework, which allow developers to build full-featured websites in short amount of time. It is light weight PHP framework with zero configuration required to get started with it. CodeIgniter has no restrictive rules for developers when it comes to coding yet offers simple solutions to complicated website requirement tasks. We can even use core PHP code in it. CodeIgniter has lots of built-in libraries that can be used, which makes development process fast. It’s core system requires only few libraries to load, which makes its performance extraordinary. Though you can load additional libraries dynamically with its easy to remember code structure. CodeIgniter is build upon MVC architecture, which separates business logic with presentation logic. Great feature for websites in which designers are responsible for designing website. CodeIgniter also allows developer to add their own library or extend existing libraries, Which makes it more flexible & reliable PHP framework.


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2. Laravel




Laravel is a popular PHP framework famous for its neat & readable syntax. Laravel features easiest way to implement common tasks, such as routung, authentication, authorisation, sessions & caching. Laravel is suitable for creating large enterprise applications which requires migration system and built in unit testing support. However it can also be useful for projects containing simple JSON APIs. Laravel comes with tool named Composer, which allows you to manage all application packages at one place. Laravel works perfectly with MySQL, SQL server, SQLite as well as Postgres, making it robust PHP Framework.


3. Yii


Yii PHP Framework


Yii is a PHP framework with High Performance and getting popularity in recent few years. Yii’s caching support and ability to work with AJAX, makes its performance high among other frameworks. Yii also supports security features like validation, SQL injection and Cross Site Request Forgery. Yii is also build on MVC architecture, means it allows you to implement logic and presentation separately. Which leads to clear, readable & reusable code structure. Yii’s power lies in its ability to integrate third party components easily, so you don’t have to write code for generic tasks like star rating. You can search online for Yii components and use it in your project. Yii also provide facility to run unit tests as well as functionality tests.


4. Phalcon


Phalcon PHP Framework


Phalcon is a high performance PHP framework build on c extension. You don’t have to learn C language in order to learn Phalcon because all functionalities are exposed in PHP classes so that PHP language is the only thing that you need to learn before diving into phalcon. Unlike other PHP frameworks, phalcon is loosely coupled  framework, so you can download entire framework or parts of framework, totally depends on project requirements. Phalcon is not like extracting entire framework on a directory but instead it is installed as a PHP extension written in C Language. Due to its availability in a form on extension written in C programming language its consumes less resource than other frameworks and speed up performance of website significantly.


5. CakePHP


CakePHP Framework


CakePHP is a ready to go PHP framework with no configuration required except database configuration. Websites development process can be faster in CakePHP due to its great feature of code generation for common tasks like generating models. CakePHP comes with built-in features like database access, user authentication, translations, database access, caching etc. which reduces developer work and focuses on other functionalities. CakePHP has its own naming conventions for filenames, class names, database table names. Which enforces users to follow development standards to build clean and readable code. Fr security, CakePHP has SQL Injection & Cross Site Request Forgery Support built-in for secure application development.


6. Zend Framework 2


zend Framework 2


Zend Framework 2 uses object-oriented approach to develop websites. Zend is an open-source framework. Zend offers powerful components to build MVC implementation with high performance. Zend allows you to load only components you need in your projects instead of whole framework which increases speed of web application. Client library developed using ZendService allows you to access available web services with ease of code. Zend allow developers to build their own components and integrate with project with no changes required in framework code. Zend is more suitable for enterprise level web applications than small web applications.

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  • Daksh H. Mehta

    Is it order of its goodness? If it is, CodeIgniter should not be first

    • Ronak Prajapati

      No its not in any order. just best frameworks among all PHP frameworks.

  • rowild

    Any reason why you do not mention Symfony or TYPO3 Flow?

    • Ronak Prajapati

      According to me these are the highly recommended frameworks for working in PHP. If I include top 10 frameworks for PHP, Symfony will be there.

  • VoidMourn

    This is so wrong …

    • Ronak Prajapati

      What is wrong?

      • VoidMourn

        This top frameworks are not really the best, first of all symfony is missing, second : code igniter and larval cannot be 1st and second, etc etc