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How to make blogging interesting and attract new users to your website?

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At times guest blogging gets really difficult and might look like an impossible task. When you market your website and pitch on topics you might only get to hear ‘sorry’ from everywhere. The Toronto Search Engine Optimization explains that a write up of any content should not be a copied one and shall be an authentic material.

And before making the effort in the right direction you may end your dream of writing.

Follow the tips given below and improve your writing. You can stay assured of making it a success by opting for the SEO services.

• Never stick to just one person:

Never feel that it is always important to pitch to the first blogger you met. He may not like your content or may just not post content in line to the topic that you pitched. So it is always better to pitch more than one blogger. Never quit trying. Many a times, we need to try with different people until the wavelength matches best and remember that it takes multiple tries to find the perfect fit.

• Commitment is required at each step:

It is important to pay attention to the fact that personal relation or a professional relation, commitment is required to be successful. You cannot act selfish. There are people who invest in the commitment and be patient for the long term benefits that will be the outcome of such committed relationships.

There are experienced writers who just want to pitch a topic, find a blogger, get it accepted, write and get the article published and just not bother to get in touch from the blogger ever again. They don’t want to hear from him either. Now this attitude cannot help you if you want to stay in the business.

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• Build the relationship:

Invest time in getting to know the blogger better. Read his blogs and response about how you have liked it and explain his positive attributes. Try sharing his content and strike a conversation with the blogger.

Before pitching any of your content to them, make friends with the blogger. There is a high possibility of the pitch being accepted if he is familiar with you and your work. Once the pitch is accepted and your guest blog gets published, you will get a foundation which will make place for deeper and stronger long-term relationship and will open doors for more guest blogs in the future.

Never be in a hurry for all this to happen. It takes time. Remember ‘Greek was not built in a day.’ Be patient and plan each move of yours and slowly see your dream coming true in the right sense.

• Highlight your specialties: 

Your work should be highlighted to the blogger. You should make him feel you are worthy of a relationship which will mutually benefit the blogger too in the future. Your blogger should know that you are valuable for his blogging site. You should ensure that you offer value to the blogger you are pitching to.

Give the blogger a reason to choose you among so many people approaching them to have a guest blog published. Boast of your achievements, don’t be shy. If you have any previous work of yours that got many links to some other blog do not keep it to yourself.

Let the bloggers know your talent and let them know if you have any offers. Like a sample or some giveaway along with the posts to their readers. All these things matter a lot.

The blogger should get assurance that you will also try to promote his content to the fullest extent. Try to mutually benefit the blogger with your work, so that he gets influenced to publish your guest blog.

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