How to Help Your Kid Handle Homesickness

Boarding School | Kid Handle Homesickness

Kid Handle Homesickness


Going to a boarding school may be quite exciting, but could also be perceived as nerve-wracking experience. When all the paper work is done, your child may start over thinking the decision all summer. It is normal for adolescents to feel nervous in a new social environment. While boarding life might be a great adventure and opportunity, your child may start imagining a lot of pitfalls related to it.

After you have admitted your child to a boarding school in India, Dehradun, make sure that you brief them about it as empathetically as possible. Even after making the necessary preparation, you might find out that your child is homesick in the first month of the academic year. It is quite natural for kids to feel homesick; a reaction observed when a child is staying away from home. There may not be many quick cures available to solve this, but there are definitely certain things that a parent can do to help his/her kid deal with it.

Do not let your kid call you all the time

As a parent, it may be quite difficult for you. But, it is important that you lay down these ground rules clearly. You might also have to resist the temptation of calling and checking on your kid. Keep 15 minutes every day to speak to your child daily. Most of the boarding schools also have rules where there are certain timings when kids are allowed to contact their parents.

Encourage your kid to interact with new people and make friends

Most of the boarding schools in Dehradun and Mussoorie are famous for students coming from all over the country. Having so many students belonging to different cultures and backgrounds is a great exposure for your kid to grow holistically. Hence, you should ask your kid to make new friends. Boarding schools have dealt with several homesick children in the past. They aim to keep students busy in order to not let them feel emotional. Therefore, it is usually the first few months where adjusting might seem difficult. If your child builds healthy relationships, he/she is bound to be happier and less homesick.

Stop being a helicopter parent

This does not mean that you have to stop being there for your kid. But, it is necessary for your child to learn skills that are necessary for coping and adjusting. Life is all about survival. And boarding schools have a major role to play in moulding the personality of your child in a positive way. Your kid will have to learn making decisions and also suffer the consequences of those decisions. Do not constantly keep guiding your child. Your child has to make mistakes to learn from them. If you are always there to save him/her, your kid may never be able to develop good judgement skills.

Understand that it will take a while to adjust

Lastly, you have to give some time for your child’s biorhythm to adjust with the new surroundings. It takes months for habits to develop and your child is capable of handling them. You just have to give it some time. Always remember that homesickness is a temporary situation.

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