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How to create Wordpress Theme : Slicing PSD

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WordPress themes are available on for free. some WordPress themes are also available for buy which is obviously premium themes. But creating WordPress theme is not that hard, just have to know the procedure and that’s we are going to learn in this tutorial about creating your own WordPress theme. procedure for creating WordPress theme is a bit lengthy so i divided it in several parts and in this part we cover only slicing of PSD file for WordPress themes.

Requirements for creating WordPress theme


PSD design for wordpress site (you can download mine if you want to)

wordpress site to test your new theme ( we will need it in later tutorial)


Let’s Start by Slicing PSD for WordPress Theme

download PSD file from above link. open in Photoshop and follow procedure as described in video below. if you created your own design in Photoshop for WordPress Theme than that’s good use that and share the result with us in comment below. we will happy to give you suggestions for your theme.

I hope you get an idea of how we can use Photoshop to slice images that we require in our WordPress theme. In our next tutorial we will cover how we create well structured html for WordPress theme than how we can link that to cascading style sheet (css) and use images we extracted in this tutorial from PSD file to make our way a step forward in creating our own WordPress theme.

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