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Create WordPress theme from HTML series: In previous tutorial of WordPress theme from HTML Part 2, we learn about how to add dynamic features to wordpress theme. For example, Details of post, Featured Image, Categories & Tags, Pagination for blog page etc. In this tutorial, we will continue from where we left in previous part. Because this is a bit complicated task to perform, I have decided to create a video tutorial (ScreenCast)  instead of  an article.

Create WordPress Theme from HTML Design Part 3

We will cover following topics as part of WordPress Theme from HTML Design in this screencast.

  • Add support for dynamic sidebar
  • Add support for widgets in WordPress Dashboard for newly created WordPress theme.
  • Implement Dynamic Sidebar.
  • Implement separate page for Single post view instead of showing index page with single post.
  • Include comments in newly created single page for viewing in single post call.
  • Implement comments form to let people comment on your post. which lets you know what people think about your post.
  • Customize look of comments template. This can be done using CSS which we already covered in previous tutorials. If you haven’t watched any, I highly recommend you go through the whole course of creating WordPress Theme from scratch.

Video: Create WordPress Theme from HTML Part 2

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You can download full source code of WordPress theme we created from below link. So incase you miss something or doing anything wrong you can refer to my code and compare.

Download Source Code Files

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