6 Reasons Why You Should Always Buy Original Apple Products

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Buy Original Apple Products


Apple is undoubtedly one of the largest brands in the world today, and not only related just to technology. There are huge number of people who are adamant fans of the company and its products. Other than having the largest share in the mobile market, Apple also has a significant presence in other markets, such as wireless speakers and laptops.

Just as it has happened with countless other brands, cheaper, non – genuine versions of Apple have sprung up. People who are crazy for Apple products but cannot afford them go to these cheaper versions to satisfy their wishes of owning an iProduct. However, the user almost always regrets the decision of buying such stuff, and it doesn’t take long for the products to show that they are not genuine.

If you are interested in buying Apple products, do not settle and invest a little more to buy authentic products. Here are 6 reasons behind what we said:

After sale service:

If your product is genuine, you will get top – notch service from Apple retailers. This includes repairing and replacing almost all faulty parts and providing service in minimal time. However, if your iPhone isn’t genuine, then iPhone Mobile Repair becomes a maze. You get no service post sale and you have to find alternative arrangements to make your products work, which themselves aren’t much independent.


Apple is proud of itself for having some of the fastest laptops and some of the best performing mobile phones; whereas cheaper versions will get you mobiles that hang every minute. Original Apple products costs more because of the top quality performance offered by them, which shouldn’t be compromised with.


The iOS has garnered praise for being one of the most user – friendly and supportive as well as powerful and multi – tasking. A cheaper version isn’t going to give you genuine iOS, which is going to increase your headaches while using your device. The fake operating system is going to complicate and ruin your experience.

Build quality:

Just like China products of all other variety, cheaper versions of Apple products are also weaker. Apple products are sturdy and don’t break down so easily, a statement which cannot be said for their cheaper China made alternatives. Buying original Apple products ensures that your device runs longer and better.


Fun fact – you don’t get warranty while using China made products. Apple has some of the best after sale warranty service, which covers a whole range of issues such as physical damage as well as software issues. On the other hand, their cheaper alternatives seldom have a warranty, which means the cost of repairs goes straight out of your pocket.


Be it camera quality, upgraded RAM or storage; Apple has always had the upper edge over its rivals. Their cheaper alternatives, however, have really downgraded features, which means that your iPhone which costs less also has less physical and software features.

So ,make sure you stay away from the fake ones and only buy original Apple products. I case you needs it repaired, contact a professional repair store near you!

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