Best Website Development Tips for Boosting Online Sales

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Best Website Development Tips for Boosting Online Sales


Many merchants may not realize this, but Website Development and design can affect their sales. Even the smallest of design, style and development elements may enhance or harm conversion rates.

Listed below are some tips to help you boost online sales:

Browsing Experience

It is crucial that you provide a perfect online shopping experience to clients. So make sure you give customers an option for fast checkout process. This will significantly boost your sales. Customers don’t like filling out long needless forms. They look for a service that ensures product or service delivery fast. So fast website loading is the best way to create that first amazing impression on clients. E commerce design should be devoid of loading bars and unnecessary motion effects as these tend to take up load time.

Shopping Cart can be Easily Viewed

If the customer adds a specific thing to their cart, they are looking for the peace of mind that this item was actually registered. As a result, somewhere on the page constantly during the shopping process, your store should have an area listing the quantity of items in the customer’s cart along with relevant checkout information.

Having checkout data visible and readily accessible also helps ease the change from shopping to checkout. Regardless of where the customer finishes shopping, it is critical to have a quick link here we are at the checkout page.

No Stock Images

Stock images are no more required. Your target audience does not want to see cheesy stock photography any more. So avoid placing pictures of suit clad business people and board meetings. These are a turn off. The best idea is to include bespoke, striking photography of your own products. You may even place pictures of real models or team members from your company. This is more effective in establishing trust among existing and future clients. These pictures are authentic and appeal to the soul of customers. Your brand will become more human and relatable to the audience.

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Optimize Add-to-Cart Buttons

Most web designing companies recommend following this step for boosting sales of a company online. Remember site visitors tend to respond in their own way to different calls to action. For instance, your “add-to-cart” button should not be referred to as any other name such as “more details”, “buy”, “learn additional” etc. Customers do not react well to these indirect call-to-actions. A button saying “buy now” is quite specific.

Sales Process in All Design Elements

Remember, each visual element of your website should convey the idea that your brand knows what it is about. It helps people solve their problems. All elements of your website should be designed to point to a single end goal – attracting customer and solving their problem.

Streamline Navigation Paths

Hidden menus are extremely ineffective. These may produce frustration among shoppers. One of the vital parts of describing your direction-finding is via avoiding hidden elements within the page.

Having a large number of categories will painful. Fly-out menus are the best way to prevent website pages from getting too cluttered. It also helps a shopper access any category page without notice.

Remove Distractions from Checkout Page

You would want your customers proceed to checkout in a particular direction. Hence, while designing checkout, remove items that distract to include left sidebar navigation.

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