How to Clean an Apple iPad and iPhone Screen

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The most annoying thing about the iPhones and iPads is that their touch screens become caked with the fingerprints, grease, dirt, earprints and some other assorted mucks. If you want your iPad or iPhone to be all pristine, be careful with them and regularly clean its screen. Cleaning may cause damage to the screen, so it is that important that you are careful with it.

It is obvious that you have spent some good money in buying your Apple device, so you would want to ensure that it looks all clean and dust free. If your Apple device is in bright colors, the dirt and grime will be more clearly visible on your phone. No one wants to see the finger smudges or any fine layer of dust on the Apple screen.

For cleaning the screen of your iPhone or iPad you need to be very careful. After all you don’t want to put any kind of scratch on the screen.

Method of Cleaning Ipad/iPhone Screen:

Before starting with the cleaning process of your iPhone, or iPad just make sure that you have all the necessary equipments which will help you in cleaning the device. Things you need for the cleaning process are:

· You need to have a microfiber cloth

· Have a few cleaning wipes

· A screen cleaner which needs to be free of ammonia or use isopropyl alcohol. Although isopropyl alcohol cleaner which is 50% water solution, is recommended for screen cleaning, Using this can sometimes damage your iphone screen repair. This is generally used to clean the screen of the computer to remove the serious junks. It is all up to you which product you choose for cleaning. Also, you can buy a screen cleaner kit for your iPhone and iPad screen from any iPhone repair shop in Hamilton.

Things to Avoid while Cleaning the iPhone/iPad Screen:

There are some of the items which you need to avoid completely:

· Paper Towels

· Dishcloths

· Tissue paper

· Ammonia-based cleaner

It is advised to avoid all the products which are suggested above so as to avoid any kind of the damage to your iPhone/iPad screen.

Tips for Cleaning the Screen:

Most of the individual think that it is very easy to clean the screen of the Apple products. But, the answer is no! There is a particular process involved in cleaning it. Here are some tips for cleaning the screen of iPhone or iPad:

· Firstly, Switch off your iPhone or iPad before cleaning it

· Secondly, use a microfiber cloth for wiping the dust from the screen. Do not just scrub the display but wipe in a slow gentle, circular motion.

· Now put a small amount of cleanser on the cloth and wipe the cloth gently in the circular motion. Clean the screen bit by bit and wipe the screen gently until it sparkles.


If you follow the tips given in the article, your iPhone/ Ipad screen will shine like a new one! If you are afraid of damaging it, then you can visit an iPhone repair shop who has extensive experience in cleaning.



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